A key to slimming down

Your body is 60% water. So why not drink it? Water is the key to slimming down and losing those few extra pounds before bikini season. Drinking water helps bloating by washing out any toxins in the digestive system. By staying hydrated all day, you can see results in just days. If you’re like me and hate water because it’s too bland, do not turn to to Gatorade or sports drinks which are loaded in sugars. Just simply add some fruit to your water. Fresh lemon and other fruits are a great way to add flavor and also help shed some pounds. Lemons and limes are proven to clean out the digestive track and leave you feeling lighter and healthier.

Start each meal by drinking a tall glass of lemon water and you won’t be as hungry. This will help you stick to the portions you’re supposed to eat instead of overeating.

And remember, after a workout in the sun, you’ll need to replace the sweat by drinking water or else you will gain water weight and start to bloat!images

A key to slimming down

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