The Perfect TeaTox

In the past year or so, the teatox fad has spread like crazy. For those of you that don’t know, a teatox is a tea cleanse for your digestive system. It seeks to remove excess weight by washing out bad bacteria that may be holding you back from shedding some extra pounds. I myself have tried many and have found unsatisfying results until I was recommended YourTea. YourTea offers numerous tea options including weight loss, antioxidant teas, fertility teas and they even make a tea specifically for men. The Tiny Tea for weight loss comes in either a 14 day pack or a 28 day pack. This tea is specifically designed to assist with bloating, excess weight loss, increases energy, cellulite and even skin problems. When I first ordered my Tiny Tea, I purchased the 14 day box and in less than a week I felt so much better and had already noticed a difference. I had a lot more energy and lost a little over 5 pounds after the 2 weeks. I highly recommend anybody to use the teatox’s by YourTea, they truly are magical for the body.


The Perfect TeaTox

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