Non-profit 5k Races

For the past few months, while I have been excited to get some sun in Florida for spring break, my friend has been working hard preparing for an upcoming 5k race she is participating in. The 5k is called the Shamrock 5k Run and supports Family & Children’s Aid. This non-profit organization supports families and children in crisis. by providing innovative and responsive programs and services. Hearing my friend talk about the 5k she will be running in got me thinking about how many non-profit organizations hold these races to support their cause. A great motivational tool to help anybody get in shape and get to the gym everyday would be entering in one of the great races. Not only would you be helping yourself and your body, but you would be supporting a non-profit organization. There are so many different races held all the time in every single state. You can go on Google and search for these races in your state, pick any cause you want to support and get in shape. Once entered in a race, you are forced to start training, because a 5k is not easy. A 5k is the equivalent of 3.1 miles, and many other non-profit races can go much longer than a 5k. You can register for the race months in advance in order to give yourself ample time to prepare. Hearing my friend talk about this race got me thinking about how I should do this, which would provide me with the motivation to start running everyday so that I don’t embarrass myself when the date comes. Before decided to register, just remember to really give yourself time to train for this, at lest a few months.

For more information about Family & Childrens Aid click the link provided.

You can Google non-profit races in your state for this summer in order to start getting in shape now!

Non-profit 5k Races

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